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M9 Review Meeting of LIBRA Project

2023 LIBRA (Light Based Multisensing Device for Screening of pathogens and nutrients in Bioreactors) M9 Meeting Review has been completed via a meeting on October 20th.

The meeting had a hybrid form: online as well as in Athens, Greece hosted by partner National Technical University of Athens (ICCS/NTUA).

The consortium composed of 7 companies and 3 academic institutions from 7 different countries (Greece, Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Denmark, France, Switzerland) reflecting a wide representation of Europe.

All partners have been involved in international R&D projects in the past bringing their collective knowledge into the LIBRA project. Consortium members presented their technical and scientific progress to the project officers, who positively commented on the technical quality of the submitted report, the good project coordination, the dissemination and -in more general- how the project work plan is “on track”.

All partners are enthusiastic and committed looking forward for the next project phase.


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