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Light based multisensing device for screening of pathogens and nutrients in bioreactors

LIBRA project

LIBRA project introduces a benchtop smart multi-sensing system for the in-line automatable screening of cultivation processes in bioreactors. The LIBRA sensing technology lies in the use of light based integrated on-chip, real time sensors. A novel integration procedure of the photonic platforms together with disposable microfluidic modules and biofunctionalization units will result in a modular system with interchangeable components enabling the screening of nutrients and pathogens in bioreactor samples, according to the end users need. Furthermore, the LIBRA system will be able to be attached and integrated to various bioreactor systems regardless of their form factors, spanning from stirred tank bioreactors to single use bioreactors (SUB).


LIBRA relies on a highly multi-disciplinary consortium comprising expertise and specialization in several fields spanning photonics, surface functionalization, microfluidics, advanced packaging and assembly, artificial intelligence and bioreactor manufacturers.

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Hydrogen reactors

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Kick- off meeting of LIBRA project

On January 13th, 2023 LIBRA (LIGHT BASED MULTISENSING DEVICE FOR SCREENING OF PATHOGENS AND NUTRIENTS IN BIOREACTORS) was officially kicked-off via a meeting that took place in Athens, Greece. The consortium composed of 7 companies and 3 academic institutions that presented their work plan within which they will successfully accomplish the project’s challenges.

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